Sound Absorption/Deadener

Your vehicle can be a loud place, engine noise, alt whine, rattling and road noise.  This can disturb or even ruin your audio experience and if you plan on completing in any kind of sound quality competition, Deadener is a must. 

When sound waves travel and collide with say, a door panel, the energy from that sound is transmitted, reflected and absorbed.  In addition to that, vibration from the speakers themselves can rattle your panels and trunk of your vehicle. Having a higher density material, such as deadener, will reflect the sound wave back towards the listener creating a cleaner and crisper sound as well as absorbing and reflecting sound waves from outside the vehicle.   

Deadener will help absorb the sound waves from outside interference, reduce speaker resonance, and help keep pressure in by reinforcing your vehicle against flex.  Keep in mind deadener will add weight.  This should be factored in with other heavy equipment such as batteries and get your suspension upgraded accordingly. Apply Deadener to your door panels, hood, trunk and interior panels, directly against the metal as flush as possible so any panel covers or accessories will fit back on after installing. 

Installing Sound and Heat Insulation


Find the right balance between quality and budget.  Buying products that are cheap and not quality could result in replacement and expenses in the future.  Best Practice is to start right and not have to do anything twice.

***PLEASE NOTE*** All information on this site is for educational and informational processes.  Any guidelines, tips or recommendations are considered general knowledge and we strongly encourage you to consult with a professional before installing, adjusting, or altering a car audio system.