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Subwoofer parts and functions

The main variations in subwoofers is the type and capabilities of certain parts. Major manufacturers have design variations of course...

Amplifier Tuning

Proper tuning on your amplifier will ensure proper sound quality and premium output.

MDF vs Birch Enclosures

It is a long time debate among DIY box builders but below is a great comparison video of MDF versus...

Lithium Batteries & Banks

Digital Signal Processor (DSP)

A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor chip, with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital...


Our equipment is a state of the art meter made by term lab All major spl organizations use the same...

Audio Arena Breakdown

Audio Arena offers cash prizes at SPL Competition Shows for unique demo competitions and audio contest.

2020 Upcoming Shows

Due to state variations regarding quarantine due to covid-19, all shows listed below should be varified before any travel plans...

Subwoofer and Amplifier Combinations

When installing your car audio system, the right subwoofer and amplifier combination is imparative to the longivity and efficiency of...

Wiring Subs to Proper Impedence

Protect your equipment by always wiring properly to ensure proper power output from your equipment.