Kamikaze Wars Breakdown

Rules for Kamikaze Wars

•Our equipment is a state of the art meter made by term lab
• All major spl organizations use the same equipment as we do so you can take your score as what you would meter at any big show
• The sensor is placed in the same spot in every vehicle
• Categories:
There are 3 Divisions:

Wall: completely sealed or box less than 12” from roof

No Wall: box more than 12” from roof

Trunk: box must be in trunk not in back seat 

7 Classes in each division based off amp power: 0-1500 | 1501-3000 | 3001-4500 | 4501-6000 6001-8500 | 8501-13500 | 13501+

• We will meter your peak and use your highest score
• You can do a burp or play music for 30 secs max, which ever you prefer, have your music ready
• This is a six month series, who ever has the most points in each category will then receive an award
• This meet will start our list so make sure you charge your batteries and be prepared to go to WAR!

Our list is point based, Number one on the list is 10 points, number two is 9 points and so on down the list, ten spots per category.

You will receive 5 points for coming to the meet and metering