Meters, Tools and More

Keep your voltage up with proper electrical and check your readings regularly with a volt meter or multimeter.

Equipment with prolonged play can become hot fast. the subwoofers as well as the amplifiers will need to be monitored during demos and comp.  Blower and cooling fans can help with cool down and temp guns can make it easy to double check your heat.

Beat the heat with this handy thermometer guns and make sure your equipment gets proper cooling off time with attwood fans.

Consult a professional for system tuning that will use an oscilloscope to check the signal output and correct your settings as needed.  Such services can be done be you most car audio shops but you can also find free lance audio specialist in social network groups that may travel to your location.

These tools are great for popping panels in and out of any vehicle and can make that next install take a less time. Find the right balance between quality and budget.  Buying products that are cheap and not quality could result in replacement and expenses in the future.  Best Practice is to start right and not have to do anything twice.