Science of Sound: Impedence/Ohm Load

In car audio community, you will often hear the terms impedence, ohm load or sometimes you will even get asked what are you wired down to.  To put it simply, the electrical signal sent from amplifier to the speakers has electrical resistance.  That resistance is measured by Ohms.  You can increase and decrease your resistance by wiring your speaker in parallel or series. 

Speakers can be purchased in a variety of types and in car audio they are usually in the range of 4-16 Ohms.  Depending on how many speakers you are wiring to an amplifier as well as how you wire them (series or parallel) will determine you Impedence or “Ohm Load.”  When purchasing an amplifier you will notice it has a variety of output ratings.  These rating variations are referring to the output depending on ohm load put to the amplifier.  

This is a very basic explanation for general reference. However,  when installing any stereo system or modifying your system in any way, especially wiring, respect your build and investment enough to throughly have knowledge on what is being done to your vehicle and always consult a professional. 

For more on wiring in parallel versus series, check out this article by Geoff the grey geek: or watch his video below: 



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***PLEASE NOTE*** All information on this site is for educational and informational processes.  Any guidelines, tips or recommendations are considered general knowledge and we strongly encourage you to consult with a professional before installing, adjusting, or altering a car audio system


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