Test Tones & SPL Music CDS

Most SPL Competition require music that is commerially available.

Example: the 2018 IASCA Rulebook states

36. SOFTWARE – Competitors must play music only from approved commercially available media. IASCA
considers CD as its main media format for use in competition; alternate media (such as MP3) may also be used in competition. NOTE – Test tones, bass bombs, sine sweeps or music containing test tones, bass bombs or sine sweeps, or any music with a constant bass tone in the background, is not allowed in #1 Class competition.
37. The following source units are acceptable for competition – CD source (head) units, iPods, tablets, MP3 & Zune players, DAT, mini disc, hard drives

It’s best to verify with a judge of your organization before a show that the music track you have choosen is legal.  This can ensure you are prepared when entering the lanes and do not risk a scratched run.

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When competiting in a SPL “Burp” class, tones are played through your car audio system.  Tones can also be used for tuning.

Test Tone CDs: