SPL Comp CDs

Some of the SPL Organizations require using their specific music to run certain formats. Below are links for SPL org comp CDs.

USACI Sells packs of up to 5 CDs on their website http://www.usaciworldwide.org/

According to the USACI Rule Book in Street Beat Class:

Street beat 1, 2 and 3 uses the General rules with the following exceptions:
All Street Beat competitors will be required to use the official USACI Street Beat music for this division.

According to the USACI Rule Book in Bass Battles:

The competitor will choose their own music. The music must be commercially available, copyrighted, and nothing
re-bassed and have no profanity no exceptions. There will be no solid tones, note must change, the judge will
make the final call, and if your run is deemed illegal you will receive a 0, and must choose a new song for your 2nd

IASCA has an online store for CDS HTTP://IASCA.COM/CDS/

According to the IASCA Rulebook:

The program material used in testing must be commercially available CD software (e.g. – store bought CDs), or MP3 players, iPods, tablets, flash drives, etc. CD-R’s and CD-RW’s are not allowed for use in competition. Any other reproduction format that is not listed is subject to the approval of the event Head Judge. Any commercially available
CD is acceptable at SPE and DPE events. For TKE and IdBL World Record Events, the Official IASCA IdBL “Max dB3” CD is the only acceptable CD for use. IASCA considers CD as its main media format for use in competition; alternate media (such as MP3 or iPod) may also be used in competition.

dbDrag has an online store for CDS.


According to the DbDrag rulebook:

The program material being played may originate from any type of source unit that has been specifically designed to play music. This includes cassette decks, CD players and changers, DVD players and changers, VCR’s and VCP’s, MP3 units, AM/FM/Satellite radio tuners, smartphones, tablets, etc.
Both wired and wireless connections between the source unit and the sound system are permitted. This includes RCA cables, Fiber-Optic cables, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.
The program material may consist of music, test tones, or any other type of recorded audio signal.
The program media may be from a commercial source (such as a CD you purchase) or a custom, homemade recording


ISPLL Subsonic Suicide is a 2 minute musical average using a subsonic track under 32hz. Each 1Hz below 32 you play at will add .25dB to your final score (i.e. you play the 28Hz track, you will receive a 1dB bonus on your final average). If you play the 20Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 2dB bonus to your final score (5dB total bonus). If you play the 15Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 1dB bonus to your final score (7.25dB total bonus). The mic is placed on the dash.  Competitors may open any door, window, hatch, trunk, etc. that they wish to, before and during (AKA “fanning”) the run.