Headunit Basics

An automotive head unit, sometimes called the infotainment system, is a component providing a unified hardware interface for the system,...

MLK Show SPL Competition and Sound Off

Showtime Dragstrip 4398 126th Ave, Clearwater, Florida 33762 Car Show and Audio Competition Including Audio Arena featuring: ISPLL, MECA, Bass...

Summer Showcase

July 18-19 2020 – Summer Showcase Jacksonville FL https://www.facebook.com/events/2475276916067837/


Slamology SPL CompetitionLucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis Indiana Slamology is the largest Car Audio SPL Competition in the world held every...

Made of Steel

Made of Steel SPL Competition Show Tampa, FL

Proper Fuses and Breakers

ANL Fuses are often used and in some SPL organizations are a requirement.